About us


Nix Pixelz is a full-service interactive freelance agency that helps clients succeed online by creating award-winning digital solutions. Nix Pixelz’s services start with a digital strategy that evolves into a complete solution including creativity, technology, and marketing. Nix Pixelz works with small to medium sized businesses, as well as leading brands, to create comprehensive and result-driven online marketing campaigns. In addition, Nix Pixelz’s technology offerings, which range from e-commerce and content management systems to social networking platforms, allow companies to efficiently run their business while maintaining a high ROI and growth.

Nix Pixelz is a privately held company founded in 2012. We are headquartered in beautiful Karachi, Pakistan. Our clients cover a wide-range of industries and are located all over the world.

We have completed tasks with full zeal. We have the presence in all major locations. We can entertain you Worldwide with special offers for reliable customer. Our long list of satisfied customers made us survive till now. The list of portals designed and operated by us is huge and ever increasing.

We wish and welcome you to give us a chance to make one for you and add you to a booming businesses list powered by our services over the internet. We have a multi-talented team which can come up with glistening and surprisingly innovative solutions for your websites. We not only prepare websites rather we provide all technical support for its hosting and SEO as well.

Our team has made a commitment to not do business “as usual.” Nix Pixelz was created on the idea of creating holistic, interactive solutions – solutions that integrate with brand identity, solutions that take services from idea to final product, and solutions that marry creativity and technology seamlessly.

We have solutions to all your requirements pertaining to web designing and development. We believe in providing you the recipe which satisfies your taste buds with fantastic and unique taste. With our experience in marketing strategies for the local audience, we can offer you multiple options for your products and services.

However, the final choice for advertising or web designing depends on you. Our work and collaboration with hosting entities make us a much viable option for you. We have multiple plans for our customers based on their type and need. We can offer time constrained solutions which fit your budget.

Right after establishment we have devoted ourselves to what we do. Our efforts have brought many laurels to us. Since the beginning, there has not been seeing back. While stationed at local we have given services to people from different origins of the world as local is the house to multi-million dollar businesses from around the globe. We would certainly be delighted to fancy your products with expertise and skills of our team. Our zest, skills, competitive price tags and go-getter approach to the tasks makes us shine over our customers. Since 2014 we have won many tenders for being online vanguards of businesses. We aim to continue the same enthusiasm.

We certainly want to explore the horizons of this land of opportunity through a bilateral working relationship. We hope that doing business with you is successful for both of us. We believe in credibility and trustworthiness in our work. Our SEO based websites with the reliability of search engine appearances mark our credibility as well as mettle. We keep a check on illegal information outflow of our client’s products prior to its launch. Our client’s satisfaction is our prime asset.

We have an operational location to look after operations in the international and some international clients. We have a global presence in terms of variety of clients. However, operational centers are these two locations. We show up to any client through the internet and also provide post-sale services online.


Any company willing to have an appearance at the global canvas of online businesses may look for a top class website. The website contains all the information about the company, their team, their working methodology, and products. The product is also placed and sold through website and resources are gathered with various online trading options. Websites should be developed by professionals so that maximum benefits can be extracted. The web development includes placement of text, pictures animations or videos. The information sharing method has to be chosen the organization, as they would be operating the website afterward.


The standard website actually stands for the still pictures and non-transforming text placed on the static background of the website. However, the option for having still or dynamic websites is dictated by objectives to be achieved from the website. Standard website design is developed using basic HTML5. The static websites are easy to make and modify. A simple explanation to the frequently asked question “what kind of website should one have?” is to consult boundless technologies for pertinent and plausible solutions.

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